3 reason's to use this technology :


Global purchasing must consider a number of factors , all of which must provide a cost effective solution.

Source flexibility is a major factor , because of economics , relocating product base or by natural disaster ,they must have ability to change production sources with ease and speed .

Plastic shielded products require a molder who has in house surface coating capability or they rely on an outside vendor , both are limitations.

Our technology allows you to use any of your molders , large or small without concern of in house facilities or secondary vendors.

Yes , lower part , lower shipping cost , fewer parts (in the case of replacing metal parts) ,but source flexibility is a major benefit. Since the OEMs owns the process along with the molds , it allows the complete program to be relocated without concerns of the new vendor to either have a secondary system (surface coating) or relaying on extra shipping cost and time.

Manufacturing :

If replacing metal , fewer parts to the line, higher quality , and ease of assembly. The process provides many design features to be included in the part , part of our development includes a study to evaluate any and all possible reduction in manufacturing cost , from molded in connectors to using a manufacturing hinge design.

Sales /Marketing

Customers are not only interested in lower cost , but lower Weight , both are possible. Customers are also looking for new technologies that can provide additional design flexibility

Per part or Product cost savings

1 . Out of the Press Completed , no secondary operations. For many surface coated ( Vacuum Metalizing) must ship to an additional vendor, which produces other delays and costs.

.001 Ohms Point to Point - and it will NEVER  Fail.
Out of the Mold Complete - No Secondary Operations.
It is Green - no chemicals , and it is Ferris , so magnets can easy separate the resin .

Lets examine the number of operations required after molding to produce your shielded enclosure. Please note , we have not included the number of rejected parts do to additional handling or surface problems , or the time required for shipping to the surface coater.

No Ph.D. in Finance required

Surface Cost Vs Gridshield

Gridshield Vs Sheet Metal
No of Steps
Operations After Molding
Gridshield Vacuum/Met
1 Inspect / /ship to customer Completed
2 Inspect & Pack ship to surface Coat x
3 Un-pack x
4 Rack x
5 Clean x
6 Coat x
7 Bake x
8 Un-load x
9 Un-rack x
10 Inspect x
11 Pack/ship return to x
12 Ship to Customer 12 Steps Required


Gridshield Sheet Metal
Weight 60% Less
Tooling Cost 45% Less
No parts req. 1 3 or 4
Screws 0- choice 4 or more
shipping 1 2
Eng./Change Low High
Tolerance VG Good
Operations After Press 0 Many
Design Features Good Poor