EMC people have been using mesh or screens ( FCC Screen Rooms, Faraday Cage) before the CPU , for electronic equipment. So the effectiveness is not a question. It is our development of hundreds of design /processing details that provide the answers for today’s enclosure requirements.

When on board shielding is not enough.

Our development started with the computer industry , where requirements  included one very important one " All of these parts were cosmetic – 100% . So #1 nothing could affect the appearance. We molded over 800 various products, using every engineering grade of resin to prove our process, we can meet the EMC requirements Plus without question we can control the Gridshield surface , Not of the “A” surface. We followed those 800 projects with 0ver 150 Automotive parts -requireing over 6000 press hours.

Because of all of this development work , we can provide design features that can add features plus address any possible EMC requirements.

Ferrous metal – our standard Gridshield is steel , whereas all surface coatings are non-ferrous. Our  customers have seen improvements over Alum stampings and Alum die casting using Gridshield.  

In Vhicles since 2009 with new products 2011-12-13 models.

Meeting all Procedures for Conformance to Vehicle Environmental, Reliability, Durability, and Performance Requirements.
Ferrous metal , .010" , not just a coating film which can fail . This data is a direct comparison of a customers "Air Bag Sensor" Alum case ( stamped cover , die cast base) and a molded Gridshield Case -same electronics.
EMC Data
ESD grounded case