Design Flexibility

New Radios are currently being tooled using this Low Cost Design.

At 45% LESS Weight , lower Mold cost plus the Lower shipping cost ( shipped flat to your assembly plant ) you can pack 10 times more parts in the same space as sheet metal.

You can use Any Engineering grade of material for this design.

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EMC Fold Up Enclosure
These "Inserts" were molded in as well , grounded to the mesh, we have a number of other methods for grounding without any additional components.
  1. .001 Ohms Point to Point
  2. Lower Cost Tooling
  3. Faster Assembly ( less screws)
  4. Major weight & Cost savings over sheet metal.
Our Gridshieldtm plastic enclosures , or our New GridSFtm Patent pending can provide major Weight and space savings, as well a meeting your cost goals. EMI shielded enclosures that will solve problems. We can provide prototype development to production programs. Our Molded in wire mesh systems have won the Innovation of the year 2009 from the SPE - and are now being considered by the military for use to reduce equipment weight , but also to reduce the cost of shipping and transporting military equipment .

One piece of Gridshield molded through the entire part , yes even the hinges. In this case we used a Hi Temp , Glass filled Copolymer. These are "Manufacturing Hinges" flexible for up to 200 times, to be used in manufacturing & assembly. There are many features that can be molded into this design style , snap locks , molded in EMC gaskets , and various grounding methods .


This part has a very low profle , which means the mold is shallow ( on both cavity and core) this means a much smaller mold with less machining required.

Features "In -Line of Draw " meaning molded in features that would normally require costly slides or lifters can be molded in without , saving thousands of tooling dollarts.

Example: This fold up creates a enclosure that is 5 "x 4 "x 6" , If this were molded as a box , with the no draft PCB guides the mold cost would be $30,000 - to $ 40,000.00 , plus you would require an additiional lid or cover.

Fold-Up Mold is $15,000.00 , plus you can add mounting features to all of the surfaces without the penalty of slides or lifters.