We are working on the next generation of Battery Enclosures. Enclosures that will reduce the weight and provide EMC & Strength Plus Design Flexibility to provide lower cost assembly .

We feel this can be accomplished with molded in features , reducing the number of parts required, selective shielding for the electronics.

Weight will be reduced by 35-50% , and tooling life extended by at least 100%.

Strength is a combination of the resin selection Plus the Gridshield material and designed in features of the Grid , such as Welded Seemed anchor mounts which provide for the loads to be transferred to

This IP Support is 5 feet in length and 20 inch wide. Gridshield (.018" Hi Carbon steel) is molded throughout the entire part for strength ( replacing glass). This required a 4000 Ton press , and the Gridshield was 5 ft. x 2.5 ft. providing a Ground plane and strength. Our experience with this size of part provides engineering details that can be used for Large Lithium Enclosures.

This Lithium 42 Volt Battery Case :

Material : Xenoy

EMC seal using tongue & Grove which provides surface contact as well as .300" over lap. The surfaces that are in transition ,the Grid is between the surfaces - one piece of Grid throughout.

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