Gen. James Conway's request to "Lighten The Load"

Reduce Transporting Weight by 200 Tons

Steel is used by the military - for good reason - it is very strong - It also provides EMI Shielding. But it also provides a LOT  OF  WEIGHT.

Protecting electronic equipment is very important - and safety must be number 1. Good reason to use to metal , however today there are 2 new technologies available that can address both Strength & Shielding , while reducing weight which reduces energy cost.

New resins have increased strength and heat properties and have been proven successful in many extreme environments such as : Automotive Oil Pans, Engine Blocks and many others. Reducing weight by 45% over metal.

We can provide the design and processing for new light weight products , from Radios to Server Blades to all your EMC  products. Our Low cost tooling approach opens many opportunities for using plastic for lower volumes .
A Molded-in Faraday Cage will meet all levels of EMC requirements - PLUS Reduce Weight & Cost

The savings are based on transporting In and Out of locations. The weight savings noted are based only on changes to the Electronic Enclosures , not structural.

Save 25-100 Lbs per Unit

500 units = 50 Tons

Save 16 Lbs

500 units= 8 tons

Save 5-100 Lbs Unit.

200 Units = 20 Tons

Save 25 -200 Lbs per Unit.

500 Units = 50 Tons

Save 5-7 Lbs per unit

1500 units = 10.5 Tons

Not just plastic , but a unique blend of high strength steel grid molded into the part. Using wire as large as .025 dia . We can provide all of the molded features you require .

Oil Pan

Engine Blocks

This resin must withstand 24,000 hours in a variety of oils at 120°C. Moreover, since the engine must sometimes be rested on the oil pan, the material is required to offer sufficient rigidity as well as the ability to absorb impacts and vibrations . The ultimate test of the material in this application was its resistance to hot air and heat aging: The polymer had to withstand contact with hot air at 120°C for sustained periods as well as peak temperatures of 150°C. The parts subjected to stringent laboratory tests and extensive road testing before it was introduced into serial production.

Now with the new high strength materials , the question of EMC Shielding must be addressed. For many years the only answer for shielding plastic for EMC was applying a metal paint or Electroplating. Both are poor answers and provide a limited range of shielding effectiveness, and are very costly. "Gridshield" was developed to provide the best possible system for plastics - A FARADAY CAGE molded into the part. Not only does Gridshield provide the highest level of shielding it also adds to the strength .

Presented to the Marine Corp. at the NDIA Conference in New Orleans 1-25-10 ( Click to view or dowload pdf )

"Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something."

Thomas A. Edison

The main Goal : replace heavy steel Electronic Enclosures while maintaining strength , and EMC characteristics . Our GridSF system can use High Strength steel mesh up to .023 dia. High strength steel molded-Into high strength resin can provide Design Flexibility. We can lighten the Load for our troops plus reduce the high transporting cost.

AUSA Winter 2009

2009 AUSA Winter Show We introduced our other Process "Gridshield" for smaller application which can not only reduce Weight but also add the feature of Soft transparent shielded Enclosures , providing energy absorbing capabilities.