Innovations require Determination.

Partners Wanted:

We are interested in Establising a Development Center in Germany or the UK with an existing molding company. Please contact us for additional details.

Our OEM program was desiged to provide the most cost effective means to produce your shielded enclosures within your existing vendor base. Working directly for the OEM , our number one concern is providing the most cost effective program for them

Reducing Weight & Cost is our direction. Replacing metal for electronic enclosures with our Production Proven process for molding in EMC Shielding, "Gridshield". A unique composite of wire & plastic , "A Faraday Cage" inside your product plus 15-20 % added strength .

More than Shielding.

Increase in material flow , reduce/remove sinks plus the ability reduce the amount of resin ,use 1mm wall instead of 2mm and maintain the same strength .

Fold-Up Enclosures using any resin.

Design & Engineering Services.

Design reviews - Conversion Designs - On Site Design to Full Project Engineering .

OEM Flexibility:

Sharing Technology:

We have an open policy for using our Technology.

We work within your existing molder base , this allows you the freedom of selecting the best location for your particular product..We work with your Product groups and their locale vendor base to assure complete support , and a successful program to production .

Project Development:

In your facility or,

Our Molding Tech Center can develop and provide Proof of Concepts to complete production turn-key systems ready to be installed at any of your locations. We have press's from 150 ton - 700 Ton . With our New Partner we have a 4000 ton for the new Lithium Projects.

We were pleased to provide our Technology and Process Engineering to Delphi . Our First Shielded Plastic Radio was the Ford Taurus. 1995-1996
SPE Innovation Grand Award In 1999 & 2000 Mr. Burton published papers in "Item" and in "Plastic News'" detailing the use of his technology for the Automotive Industry , detailing the Radio as providing major cost and weight savings. Including the Fold-Up we detailed here.Item EMC

Mr. Burton on right

We provided Part design , EMC design , tooling design direction as well as molding the Proof of Concept .

Congratulations to GM & Delphi .