Meeting the Latest EMC, CE EU Standards and addressing Cost Cutting pressure is not an easy task. Vehicles complex electronic units and systems require a high level of EMC Engineering & Design. Using Multi Layer boards, BLS and various costly components, however for a complete shield there is one item missing - the 6th Side.

Various Products have completed a full range of automotive testing , and have passed all , including the GMW 3097. Our latest development for Lithium-ion Battery Enclosures can provide weight and cost savings.
Light weight , labor savings Shielded Electronic Enclosures
Delphi imolded wire shielded radio,Plastic Award using gridshield
Many Features are molded in. 5 sided Case Replaces 6 Stampings
One piece of Grid -fully Shielded Insert is molded-in & GROUNDED
Molded in Gasket in ECU
Replace Sheet Metal ECU Gasket (standing) provides EMC seal
Gridshield Gridshield with Molded-In Connector

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