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Grand Innovation Award Winner

In Production Vehicles 2010 & 2011 and New Applications for 2012 /13/14

Reducing Weight & Cost

2012 New Silicone Shielded Enclosure Development.

This program will involve two types of products ;

Low Volume Military Applications.

Automotive Lithium Batteries .

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OEM Benefits

radio in a Faraday Cage
.4i6 kg total weight for this2 part ,DD shielded enclosure.
.001 Ohms Plastic Radio Case
1.72 kg Total Complete Radio

A Faraday Cage molded Into the Part.

The highest level of shielding Effectiveness .

Gridshield Effectiveness- .001 Ohms point to point , a Faraday Cage. This process also provides high levels of ESD Protection. - it cannot lose its level of effectiveness or fail of because of , poor coverage etc. For product designers , process provides many unique features , New levels of Design Flexibility are possible , from extreme thin wall , to using 50% less resin, to Selective Shielding. All of these are provided OUT OF THE PRESS - no secondary operations.

Meeting & Exceeding all SAE -EMC Standards Convert Metal ECU with Gridshield

Replace Metal - EMC Enclosures.

Design Flexibility Plus EMC 

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Cost Savings

If you are using sheet metal or die castings for your electronic enclosures you can reduce your cost by at least 45%. Plus you will require fewer parts . A great example is replacing a sheet metal case which requires up to 6 stampings , a number of tools , screws (many) , safety problems with cuts, damaged parts do to handling all with limited design options.