We have molded and developed products using of All the Engineering Resins , All types of gates , molds- From thin wall ( less than .010" ) to thick wall SF. These are just a few.
Shielded computer parts gridshield Large CRT shielded enclosure
All of these parts were molded using existing molds. This 20 Inch CRT Housing required 8 sq./ft of Grid- None on the "A" surface.
Gridshield thin wall notebook shielded ABS
This Notebook Cover was "Reverse Gated" (roll-over)

Spru is on the back side of the part -outside surfaces are "Call A" "

Backside of the Keyboard Cover .
thin wall gridshield
This Notebook Keyboard Cover was Edge Gated.

We know exactly how to control the Grid location , with any type of gates or location.

.040 Thin wall PC , Notebook Cover.

This also increased the Inpact strength by 15%.