This sheet metal case was replaced reducing the weight by 50%. This enclosure required EMC shielding plus strength and properties to protect the electronics from the "Under the Hood environment"
sheet metal ecu gridshield ecu enclosure
molded-in shield Gasket Shielded ECU
Molded In Gasket is part of the features this ECU has . Our LOW COST tooling system provides the means for low volume products to use our process.

Meeting the Latest EMC, CE EU Standards

and addressing your Cost Cutting needs. Vehicles complex electronic units and systems require a high level of EMC Engineering & Design. Using Multi Layer boards, Not a surface coating , but a Faraday Cage molded into your part. This allows you to use any resin and you can use your existing molds. No secondary operations , your Shielded Part is Complete , right Out Of The Press.

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