Invented and developed by Paul Burton to address the high cost of shielding plastic enclosures for computers .

Commercially announced at the 1999 EMC Conference with New Automotive Applications.

Full Automotive shielding article in Item 2000 Published in Plastic News & IEEE . 2000

Pauls molding and tooling experience plus the years of working with a wide varity customers and products requirements provided the basic tools to develop the process.
Rules for Development:
He determined the following must be addressed and proven.
1. Produce a complete Shielded Part out of the Press ,within a normal cycle.(No secondary Operations).
2. Use any resin.
3 Use standard molding equipment ( horizontal )
4. Use standard molds ,could not require any special , or unique part or mold design that would limit the use of the part or mold without the grid. If required , the mold could produce an accecptable without the Grid .
5. All types of molds , and gate designs .
6. The Grid surface location must be controlled without exception -No Grid can appear on the "A" Surface.
7. Process must be availble for Low Volume parts as well as high.
To Test and prove all of the above we used over 200 existing molds from his customers. These molds provided a wide range of varaibles :
Type of Mold - Alum -Steel
Type of Gates: Edge , Sub, Reverse Injection , Hot drops & Manifolds.
Materials - Filled -Un-filled , All Engineering grades of resin.
Wall Stock -Thin wall (less than .05)
Press Size - from 200 ton - 4000 Ton

No one questioned the ability of the Faraday Cage as far as shielding effectiveness - the other production requirements became the major points.

GM won the "Grand Innovations Award " for the most Innovative use of plastics in the Automotive industry with our Gridshield Process.

Not the first production application of our Gridshield process , but it did confirm the cost effective and weight savings ability it provides.

The award came from the Socity of Plastics Engineers- which was also an added plus , since it had always been the plastics experts who said "It Can't be done".

The First automotive order for a Gridshield molded part was for a Radio front Bezel (1998) to solve a ESD problem

The  First Automotive Radio was the 1999 Taurus.

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